Five of the Best Product Marketing Tactics, Online and Off


When you're trying to sell a product or service, you have to understand how best to reach people. Thanks to the rise of the internet, companies and businesses have been able to reach out to people online. However, offline tactics of communicating to new customers are still quite relevant.

Reaching people offline allows you to add an extra dimension to your marketing efforts. Combining online and offline efforts can reap great rewards. Here are five effective tactics you can use for your business.

Use of Incentives

Using incentives is a powerful way of getting people to try out a new product or get them to buy the product. An incentive lets users know that they're getting something for free on top of what they're buying, and that's hard to resist. Incentives can be applied in both online and offline tactics.

Speaking at Events

Speaking at a professional event has many advantages. It's a great way to meet new people, introduce them to what you do, and help to spread the word about your brand. Additionally, speaking at events also helps to present your company or business as experts in a particular niche with value to offer people in the real world.

Integrate Social Media

Although some people think of social media as an online tool, it's actually a tool that connects the offline world with the online world. You can take photos and videos of offline events or just daily activities in the company and post them to social media. This helps to show the world what your company is up to in real life and can also be used to pass the company's message to people who may not have been able to attend an event.

Attach Yourself To a Cause

There are many customers who will switch to your product if part of the profit is going toward a cause they have an interest in. Find a cause that is in line with what a majority of your target customers care about and support it with your company.

Go Viral

In the age of social media, a viral campaign can reach millions of users in just a few hours or days as long as it's properly executed. When you're running an online campaign, try to find ways that you can make your campaign go viral. This can give your brand a lot of awareness in a very short time. Promotional video production teams are great for coming up with ideas that are engaging and worthy of going viral, while still showcasing your brand.


25 March 2018

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