Three Tips To Help You Start Your Wedding Videographer Business


If you're a looking to move into the wedding videography business, then it's important to have the right equipment and also a good way to get your name out there. Below is a list of three things you are going to need to have in order to succeed. Two of them are equipment, and the other is a method of letting people know about your services.

Get A Good DSLR Camera

Unless you have a big budget and the money for a high-end camcorder, you should opt for a really good DSLR. The sensor on the high end DSLR cameras is superior to the low end camcorders. These DSLR cameras also have the added benefit of being able to shoot static photography. So, you will also be able to shoot the wedding photography, in addition to the video. Make sure that you choose a DSLR that has inputs for external audio mics and light attachments. So, avoid one that is designed for complete beginners. You should look for the DSLR cameras that are used by independent filmmakers. They have large sensors, are able to handle low light situations, and can create shallow depth of field.

Portable Lighting Kit And Image Stabilizer

In addition to the camera you will want to get a lighting kit and an image stabilizer. The lighting kit should be one that adds onto your camera. You will be moving around, so you need a light that moves with you. A nice ring light that affixes to your DSLR frame is a good choice. You might also want a secondary lighting package if you do plan on taking photography as well. In this case you can stage the lighting for the photography, so you should have soft-boxes and some umbrellas.

To make sure you get a stable image you should get a gimbal. These are a bit more professional than the hand held stabilizers that you see Youtube personalities such as Casey Neistat use. The benefit to using a gimbal with a harness is that you don't have to always keep one hand on the support stick. You can use two hands to adjust lighting, settings, lenses, etc...

Create A Portfolio and Advertise In The Proper Venues

Finally, you want to get your name out there. First, upload demo clips to Vimeo or Youtube, or on your own self-hosted blog. Couples who are looking for a videographer want to see examples of what you can do, so even if you have not shot a wedding before, add clips of what you have covered. If you've done student films or commercials, add these clips. People can get a sense for what you are able to do with the camera and will be more likely to hire you than if you simply post an add offering a videographer service.

Then you need to get your name into wedding themed magazines and on local blogs that cover your area. These are the places you should contact and advertise with. Any local entertainment magazine is also a good choice to advertised in.


2 March 2017

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